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She are unable to understand why she wants your such when all the the guy previously really does was tease and you can intimately harass the girl

She are unable to understand why she wants your such when all the the guy previously really does was tease and you can intimately harass the girl

Erika asks alt com Toegang Misaki to possess help when she occur to assured a customers a romantic date-that is up against Maid Latte plan-is always to he earn the brand new whatever you can also be eat candy restaurants event from the Maid Latte. Misaki chooses to get in on the competition inside the disguise to try to victory they. However, Hinata touches this new contest and you can gains, and you will extends to favor a maid out-of his choice to serve and take a graphic with him. Sadly, Satsuki forgets to eradicate the name “Misa” on the checklist, and therefore Hinata without a doubt decides. Satsuki and Erika following develop a plan to continue Misaki’s secret that have a great disguise, but she, declining so you’re able to sit before Hinata, decides to explain to him you to definitely she really works on Maid Latte. Hinata will get a bit loud about any of it, so you can a matter of risking the woman miracle, but Takumi, clothed since the a good butler, arrives and you can takes Misaki to the back and inquiries this lady alter out of plans.

Hinata quietly whines when he fundamentally finds out exactly what their family members was in fact alerting your regarding-you to definitely regardless of how far the guy hopes, Misaki will get currently get into like with anyone else

Toward rivalry anywhere between Hinata and you can Takumi becoming more stressful than simply ever, Misaki sets both of them out to possess fighting on student council area. Meanwhile, new Housemaid Latte maids was cosplaying due to the fact letters about comic strip “Housemaid Witches”, thus Satsuki gets Misaki this new anime’s Cds to accomplish lookup and you may enter character.

Since the Misaki is just too embarrassed to acknowledge the lady choose to Takumi, she proclaims one she hates him

A day later, new “Housemaid Witches” cosplay proceeds once the plan however with the tension anywhere between Hinata and Takumi, Satsuki tries to defuse the challenge up to Takumi chooses to get off. Hinata renders also however ahead of he ask Misaki so you’re able to “cast a spell” to assist your find the cherry-tree both of them familiar with gamble on. With her move more, Aoi asks Misaki about Takumi and you may requires the girl just what he’s to help you the woman now. After, when you are taking out fully the newest scrap, Takumi, who had been wishing behind to have Misaki, asks the lady a comparable matter one Aoi questioned. From inside the a complement of pity, Misaki puts a punch from the your it is blocked. Then continues so you can represent his attitude for her because of the pull the girl into a hug and you may murmuring a ‘no-lying’ spell in her ear, demanding she address their concern actually, hence she responses frankly however, some out-of question.

Sakura encourages Misaki and you may Shizuko to help you Yumesaki’s Culture Festival to attend UxMishi’s performance, with Sakura to be certain Misaki one Kuuga has changed into greatest. Takumi will get acceptance also once “begging” so you’re able to Misaki. Immediately following Misaki comes to an end her change, she discovers Takumi prepared beyond your straight back exit. Impression down on his chance and you will consistently while making depressing statements about it, she angrily asks him when the he will give up on the woman because of that and you can blushes on realizing just what she said-and that Hinata overhears. A day later, Hinata decides to help Misaki clean the college access but closes up getting them both moist.

Together with her gowns damp and you will sharing, Takumi discusses the girl along with his clothing and accompanies this lady to get changes. A short time later on at the Yumesaki Event, Misaki and you may Takumi will get split from Sakura and you can Shizuko immediately following a large group off UxMishi fangirls hurry on the band’s concert. Without way of reuniting together and you can Sakura refusing so you’re able to leave the front row, Shizuko and you may Takumi recommend one another he and you can Misaki take advantage of the event along with her.

Just after leaving the crowd, Takumi and you will Misaki signup a tournament to possess couples, where as a consequence of the lady aggressive nature with his flirting, it earn the fresh tournament and discovered an alternate prize on the post-festival fireworks. Following UxMishi concert, Misaki tries to get a hold of Sakura and you can Shizuko but finds out Kuuga as an alternative, that is gonna stroll within the event also Sakura. Just after confirming Kuuga is serious about Sakura, Kuuga miracle as to the reasons Misaki has never acknowledged Takumi given that the lady boyfriend. Immediately after searching their unique honor to put on a beneficial Romeo and Juliet costume outfit, Takumi brings Misaki so you’re able to a blank class to get a better look at this new fireworks. Misaki finally confesses to help you Takumi, however, rants a little on account of the girl embarrassment. She says to your one the woman is baffled, one she will not discover why the woman cardio sounds so fast whenever the woman is with your, or as to the reasons she seems lonely when he makes her, otherwise as to the reasons Takumi ‘s the only person that produces this lady be similar to this. New fireworks initiate, and so they hug. But not, they walking together during the event holding hands.

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