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Original Activity: I have a quiz for the students every week

Original Activity: I have a quiz for the students every week

They need constant practice to help them succeed

However, to prepare for the Unit test (end of 3 Modules/Chapters), I usually do a quiz with the students in their notebooks or on a worksheet. This is a pre-test for the actual test. It includes very similar questions to the actual test. I just change the numbers in the questions. I do this for all of my classes as a study guide. Since I teach special education, my students need to have this pre-test to help them remember how to work out problems on the real test. They have memory issues, so reviewing helps them remember concepts from weeks ago. This is a key to helping my students.

This textbook was one of the best textbooks that I have ever been assigned in a college class

Changed Activity: To turn this completely online, I would use either Kahoot or The Space Race game on Socrative. I would create the online quiz and gain a class code. I would set a time for the students to participate interactively on the quiz (it could be in class or as homework). Each student would sign in with the class code. At the designated time, I would start the quiz. In the space race one, students would see their rocket flying across the screen to see who wins. In the Kahoot quiz, students earn points and it constantly updates what place they are in during the quiz. This online play activity would be beneficial for my students.

To scaffold for them, I would give them the list of questions before they begin, just in case they need extra time to remember how to do the questions. We would review similar questions before the quiz. My modified curriculum isn’t enough at times. This would be a great, fun review activity to do before the “big” test. We could do this in class with chromebooks as well. We have chromebook carts that I can check out and use in the classroom. I have been looking for ideas on how to use the chromebooks in my classroom.

I am excited but sad to be done with EdTech 541. I really enjoyed this class and this experience. It was pertinent to what we were learning, but it was also enjoyable. I have previously taken 502 which taught me quite a bit about building a website, but this class taught me that there are easy ways to build your own website using website generators. Weebly was a blessing to use and I would use it again. I learned how to best incorporate technology into my classroom. I always talk a good game about technology, but I haven’t incorporated it much in my classroom. I learned that I need to stop talking about it and just do it. I found so many different ideas to use for several units that are in my math curriculum. The theory and ideas presented in our text has really guided me throughout the course. Roblyer has presented great tools and tricks to use throughout the text. My blogs have all addressed reflection on practice. This is an important skill to demonstrate throughout the course. I have been creating and using the content pedagogy presented in the text throughout my course. When I have been creating different assignments on the weebly website, I have used the text to assist me on creating these assignments. I have grown tremendously professionally through this course. I have learned not only how to incorporate technology into my classroom, but I have begun to feel able to present this technology to my students. This is very important to me. I have always seen how I can incorporate technology, but I have never felt equipped to do so. These lessons really apply to what I am currently teaching in my classroom. I will actually be able to implement my thoughts in the classroom. Most of the time, I have thought that technology is great to use in the classroom, but I have never actually implemented my thoughts and ideas. This is the first time that I actually feel able to use these lessons in my classroom.

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